About Ample

Our mission is to give you back your time time to think, create, tinker, be happy, and achieve your goals.

Ample delivers long-term solutions that help individuals and companies create and sustain mindful and healthy practices with digital tech.

Ample’s approach

It takes more than tips, apps and hacks to give
you back ample time. It’s a process.

Listen & Gather

What’s your digital and communication culture? Ample will delve into this through in-depth employee interviews and company-wide digital wellbeing surveys.  

Assess & Report

The data is in, so now it’s time to make some changes. Ample will deliver a report packed with action-oriented, impactful recommendations.

Implement & Train

Let’s put this in writing. Ample will create, along with you, a tailored digital wellbeing policy and provide employee training to guarantee your success.

The team behind Ample

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Stephanie Myers


With over 15 years of experience managing health and wellness programs, a Masters in Public Health from

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Stephanie Myers

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With over 15 years of experience managing health and wellness programs, a Masters in Public Health from

Our Principles

Healthy tech,
not anti-tech

Tech is amazing, life-changing, and even life-saving. We respect tech, and therefore, work to gain its respect and maintain a healthy and balanced relationship.

Practice what you preach

We work hard, but we also work hard to practice intentional tech use. This means we will do our best not to spam you and will be transparent about our offline time.

Collaborate & Listen

Listening is not only the first step in Ample's approach, it is also the second, third, fourth... We listen to your unique needs and concerns, and collaborate to create a plan for success.

Always learning,
not always on

Digital tech is constantly changing, so we endeavor to be continuously learning. And while we value innovation, we are also rooted in the ancient practice of mindfulness.

Our Mission

We want to cultivate your digital wellbeing

Digital wellbeing is the optimal state of health and wellness that can be achieved through mindful and intentional tech use. By cultivating a healthy relationship with tech, we believe it can help you achieve what you want, rather than distract you from it.

We believe in the importance of your time

As evident in our name, we are committed to giving you back ample time. Not only do we hope to teach how intentional tech use helps you gain more of this precious commodity, we will also respect your time and deliver quality services in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Partners