The Standard Plan x2 plus annual employee training

What’s included?

20 employee interviews
Quarterly surveys & reports
Digital Wellbeing Policy
Annual employee training

Choose your plan duration

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$ 100.00 USD

Is the Premium plan a good option for me?

Ideal for organizations looking to create a digital culture that puts employee wellbeing at the center. Upon joining this plan, Ample will:

  • Kickstart the program by conducting 20 in-depth employee interviews 
  • Administer a company-wide digital wellbeing survey to gather the complete picture, and quarterly follow-up surveys 
  • Deliver and present a report based on initial interview and survey findings with an action plan and recommendations
  • Provide updated status reports based on the quarterly follow-up survey findings
  • Collaboratively create a customized Digital Wellbeing Policy that formalizes your commitment to your employees
  • Review and update Digital Wellbeing Policy semi-annually 
  • Offer annual employee training and digital wellbeing courses to guarantee your success
  • Change to Basic or Standard at any time

*Monthly rates based on annual contract. For educational institutions, interviews will be conducted with parents.

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